Sanjaya, American Idol

29 03 2007

A woman currently in Buffalo, New York is going on a hunger strike until American Idol pulls contestant Sanjaya out. She says, “I’m doing this because I believe other talented contestants who deserve a chance to win are being eliminated.” Even American Idol judge, Simon Cowell says that he will quit if Sanjaya wins. He is clearly not a good singer, and has even weirder hair styles and dances, but that hasn’t stopped America from voting for him. Whether he has a large amount of fans, or websites like maybe deciding the vote. Another American Idol viewer says that he will starve himself until Sanjaya is kicked off the show, and joining him is several others who posted their videos saying it on youtube.


Gunmen Hold School Bus Hostage

27 03 2007

 Story Highlights

  • Gunmen fleeing from a hold up took hostage a school bus which contained 32 children and two teachers.
  • They also said they were armed with grenades, an assault rifle and a pistol.
  • Negotiations are being held currently.

Gunmen fleeing from a hold up took hostage a school bus which contained 32 children and two teachers they said on a note, they also said they were armed with grenades, an assault rifle and a pistol. Police have already circled the bus and are trying to negotiate, currently to no avail.

Hotel InterContinental

26 03 2007

Well, I just went here on the 25th, so I thought it might be nice, or they might appreciate it (yeah right) if I write a review about the brunch I had more of, than the actual hotel. We were celebrating a birthday there, and as usual this is our families place to be when it’s time for a celebration. From the moment you get in through those glass, gold trimmed doors, you can tell the place has style, don’t get me wrong even after coming there so many times you still notice tiny detailed features you never noticed before. The valet parking is always waiting for you outside the hotel doors, and through the doors, is a gigantic lobby combined with a huge sitting area with large TVs and a bar at the end, all settled in a nice open floor plan. We walk through the large hallway past giant boardrooms through two large black doors and get our reservation, we step into the brunch area, and our ears are filled with light jazz, and we follow our hostess to the table. Underneath you I should say, is a large space filled with tables with marvelous dishes upon it. Though the best part about the whole thing was the lamb chop, how delicious that food is, I cannot explain. It is cooked through perfectly and makes your taste buds sing as soon as your tongue touches the delectable meat. In the middle of the serving room is the largest table, with a beautiful ice sculpture, and around it tasteful fruits, cheeses, breads, and salads. To the right, shrimp lobster, and crab cocktail. The impressive desert section boasts a variety of sweets, including a chocolate fountain free to put a variety of fruits and other things inside it including strawberries and even marshmallows. You can take a bit of their cheesecakes, or some pie, you can even try out the little bread balls almost marinated in honey. You always leave the brunch feeling full and satisfied. You can finish the afternoon by relaxing by a pool, either way brunch at the Hotel Intercontinental will leave you happy the rest of the day.



When Should You Start Working Out?

26 03 2007

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for your life, and it is never to late to get started. Everyone, no matter who you are wants to live a long healthy life, but how many of you actually do anything to solve this problem? There are tons of solutions to this, you just have to devote yourself to it, and before you know it you will reach your goal. My goal here, is to get you started working out and give you certain tips and encourage you and my other readers to stay healthy and fit. I myself have a fitness plan of my own, I must admit it is a pretty hard thing to maintain especially after you have been doing it for a while, you just get tired of it. Setting goals are probably the best thing you can do to get what you want. I believe that anyone can accomplish anything if they set their mind to it, and try as hard as they can. So if you are reading this article, when you are done you are probably going to want to take out a sheet a paper and title it: Fitness Goals. Think about your current level of fitness right now, and remember to be honest about yourself, because they only person you are cheating is yourself. What do you want to accomplish here? Do you want to bulk up? Tone or shape your muscles? Burn fat and get a cardio workout? Even though I am not a fitness instructor I certainly my advice can be most useful.

  • If you are a person who is looking to build muscle and bulk-up their figure, you are going to want to use weights and things. The quickest way to bulk up, is do heavy weights, but not many reps, make your muscle tired, that is the goal, and once you become real tired, push yourself to do a couple more. Remember to let them rest the next day other wise you can tear them, and the same thing if you work them to hard.
  • If you are looking to shape or tone your muscles, the key again is what you do. Just like bulking up, you are going to probably want to use weights for best results. Do the opposite though, use light weights with high reps, and make sure you don’t overwork yourself, and let them rest the next way.
  • The most common thing people want to do is lose weight, this will require more dedication depending on your current status. Running or any other activity that uses a big muscle like your legs is the best. Try doing things at a high intensity, though you can try walking at first. The legs burn fat easier because they are larger, which is why so many choose running as their primary fat-burning activity. Not only does this reduce weight, it increases muscles and also strengthens your heart.
  • Those of you who are looking to get 6-pack abs, don’t freak out because of all the work. It requires a variety of ab exercises. And remember you can train your upper/middle/lower abs, its not all just one muscle. What you want to do is “shock” your abs with different intensities and reps, but remember you won’t get those six-pack abs unless you have a low BMI, meaning low body fat, so that would be your first goal, to lose fat, before you do sit-ups because those wont do anything when you have 40 lbs on your belly.

I hope these tips help you succeed your workout goal, if you want to make a workout table, it is recommended and you can watch your progress. Chart your exercises, keep your weight, and that just might keep you motivated long enough to get what you want.

New “Domain”

26 03 2007

Since I don’t think this blog is ready for an actual domain, I decided to use a one. I have the link situated at the bottom, just in case you are interested. I also included a Creative Commons Copyright, which is not necessary because my work is still copyrighted by law, but oh well, it looks kind of neat, and makes me feel all warm inside, trusting that none of my readers will steal my work :p. Not much to write about today, but I can fit in one more article before I have to go elsewhere.

Where Are The Real Burgers At?

25 03 2007

What ever happened to those old fashion thick juicy burgers that leave you so full that you couldn’t get up when you were finished? All you see now days is these fast food skinny little burgers that take about 3 to fill you up. So, I decided to come up with a little review of burgers, and some of my readers can hopefully help me to, so when you are craving a bit fat juicy burger, you can find that dream burger place, and satisfy your taste buds. Whenever someone thinks of burgers, McDonalds automatically pops into their minds. They have the skinniest, most unhealthy burgers I have ever seen! Fridays is also a burger place, while I have only been there once, a simple taste of their flat, crunchy burger, makes Fridays fall under my “McDonalds Burger” category, though I must admit I am a picky eater. The best burgers in my opinion are definitely home cooked ones. Not only are they good, but you know what is in them, they don’t have some secret sauce, but the only problem is, is that it takes a while to make them, instead of 5 minutes at McDonalds, although I had to wait a long time at Fridays, but still fell short of my expectations. Fuddruckers, on the other hands, was actually one of the few places I could go down every once in a while and say man, these are good burgers. To bad they did something with them, and the next time I came, I didn’t see those plump burgers, I saw a “McDonalds Burger” sitting right in front of me. I don’t know, maybe some people actually prefer a flat burger, certainly not me. Well guess what? Burgers aren’t meant to be like that, all flat, and what looks like fried. Today’s society is in always such a rush, and it’s like we almost don’t care what we put in our mouthes. So prehaps you can join me=, help me look for that one burger joint, that doesn’t serve a skinny fast-food patty, look for one that is made with real quality. I hope you guys comment on some places you found :).

Kobe Makes History

24 03 2007

Story Highlights

  • Kobe becomes 2nd player to ever make 50+ points in 4 games
  • The other player is Wilt Chamberlain
  • All games were Laker Victories

Kobe Bryant of the L.A. Lakers joins Wilt in becoming the 2nd player to have score 50 or more points in four consecutive games. Bryant scored 65, 50, 60, and then 50, all Laker’s wins. Wilt has actually done this, except in 7 consecutive games, something almost impossible. Bryant made all of his 16 free-throws against New Orleans, and won 111-105 last Friday night. Though, if you look past Bryant’s glory you can see that his game wasn’t all that impressive. He had a minuscule 1 assist, and the game before, 4 assists, 60 points, beating Memphis 121-119. And his last two games have a combined total of 6 assists. I’m not saying he is a great player, but I feel that the team could do better if they all got a chance to score.